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Most kitchens are a very busy or active area. Whether your property comes with a open concept style in to the kitchen or the normal galley style encompassed by walls, a number of the appliances around or in them have gas hook ups.

More and more, once i have to do some form of upgrade or remodel to some kitchen, I'm noticing that stoves or dryers, etc. would not have gas shut down valves located at the immediate appliance. This is not a challenging task to treat but, you'll find precautions that need to be looked at before attempting any installing a gas disconnect valve in the appliances gas supply line.

Know the size and style and amount of any modification on the supply line(s)
Since wrinkles avoid getting looked at very often… check to make sure these are in good condition. Replace if needed.
Know where and how to shut over gas towards the home. This really is best to know for emergency purposes.
Tip: I keep a vintage crescent wrench hanging at the gas meter in case I want to shut down gas on the home.
And lastly, if you find any scent of natural gas, check to see if the pilot light is out with friends. The gas company will assist you with this particular and that is fun to ask questions.

Among the properties we own, is surely an older property along with the gas meter is in the ground out by the street curb. Recently there were an issue together with the meter and also the gas company became available and told us that the meter will need to be replaced. We do not must pay for that new meter but, we have to accommodate their requirements to complete the move.

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At this time we talked about moving the meter better your house and hang it above ground like normal meters. The gas company declared it is now possible as we were to trench the present line up and change the gas line beneath the house to stub out with a specific location along a wall.

We now have a lot of work before us but, It will manage to benefit the home over time.

If ever you have issues that involve gas appliances of any type, like;

Water heaters

Definitely give the gas company a trip and they will assist you to and answer any queries you could have.